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Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company

Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company is a repertory Bellydance Troupe located in Medford, Oregon. The critically acclaimed company has astonished audiences everywhere with an attractive combination of technique and onstage personality. They have won many awards and specialize in intricate, precise Zil (finger cymbal) playing and innovative choreographies.


The troupe was originally founded in the small town of Mount Shasta, California, in 1979 by Ayesha and Denise Mannion as Troupe Mandala. When Ayesha moved out of California to Southern Oregon, the troupe followed. Over the years, the troupe became well known for excellence, winning multiple awards nationally.

In 2003, with other troupes using the name Mandala, Ayesha decided that the time had come for change. She rechristened the troupe Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company, after her successful vending business. With its new moniker, the troupe has continued to blossom and grow, earning accolades and placing highly at competition.

Over the past years, AODC has taken home many first place awards at the following competitions: Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant, Wiggles of the West, Double Crown Bellydance Competition, and Bellydancer USA.

Troupe Members are:
Ayesha, Deborah, Fiji, Taroob, Samiyah, Taraneh, Alizarine, Shannon, Aalia and Gordon Kamm, our Drummer


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