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Ayesha Ayesha first began teaching and performing Bellydance over 30 years ago in California. Her main teacher was Karima, a former student of Jamila Salimpour. In 1979, she and Denise Mannion formed Troupe Mandala which went on to win numerous awards on the West Coast. In 2003 she reformed the troupe and changed the name to Ayesha's Oasis Dance Co., which also went on to take first place in 3 major competitions.

Ayesha is known for her intricate (and fast!) zil playing. She loves to try to stay ahead of the trends by creating innovative and exciting choreographies for her troupe. Her husband, Gordon, is a drummer extraordinaire! He plays for the troupe and is the drummer for Pangia on Volumes I and II. Together, dance and music are a major part of their lives. However, they also run two business, Hot Spring Spas of Southern Oregon and Ayesha's Oasis Dance Studio and vending business.

Deborah Deborah joined Troupe Mandala (now Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company) in January 2003, after dancing with Yalla Habibi, Ayesha's second troupe, for a year and a half. Prior to moving to Oregon in 2000, Deborah danced with Sherry Brier's troupe, Mystic East, in Mill Valley, California for 8 years. She had the privilege of taking her first Middle Eastern dance classes in 1972 from Jamila Salimpour. Now, a veteran of numerous performances, Deborah loves the friendships and fun of dancing with the troupe. She has earned the "3rd Place Duet" and "1st Place People's Choice Duet" 2010 titles with Sherrie (alumna) at Belly Dancer USA and "1st Place People's Choice Goddess" title at Belly Dancer USA 2009.
Fiji Following her intense life-long fascination of bellydance, Fiji started dancing at the age of 49 under the instruction of Chris Dahl in the small town of Fort Jones in Northern California. With a strong foundation, and desiring even more of the dance, she was fortunate to have found Ayesha in Medford. She was invited into Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company in 2006. Fiji loves to perform both solo and with troupe and now can't image life without the dance and the camaraderie of all the special women of dance! She has earned the titles: "Grand Dancer, Belly Dancer of the Year" as well as "Congeniality, Belly Dancer of the Year" in San Ramon, CA and now judges the BDOY pageant.
Taroob Taroob began her study of belly dance under Angelika Nemeth of Southern California. Since moving to Oregon, she has been studying under both Ayesha and Aisha Ahroosh. Taroob has been a member of troupe Raqs Ahroosh (under Aisha Ahroosh) since 2006 and has recently joined AODC in November 2011. She has also won many awards as a soloist, including "Goddess of the Year" in 2009, 2nd Place "Grand Diva" in 2011, and 1st Runner up "Madam Ambassador of Belly Dance" in 2011. She loves the sisterhood of being a part of a troupe, and also the challenge of solo dancing. She is honored to be a part of the amazing women of AODC!
Samiyah Known to her friends as "Sammy, Yeah!" or "Dances with Penguins," Samiyah is an accomplished dancer who divides her time between home in Medford, Oregon, and a worker dorm at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. In 1995, she began dancing with Ayesha and Troupe Mandala, now known as Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company, and has performed in three of their many 1st place achievements. Samiyah and sister AODC dancer, Idena, are also Tasseled Camel Bellydance, performing around Downtown Medford in the summer and at historical re-enactment events, most notably the Society for Creative Anachronism. Samiyah loves performing at parties and functions, and she enhances her crowd appeal with exciting finger cymbals, sumptuous veils, sassy cane and dramatic sword dancing. She loves her AODC and Tasseled Camel sisters, too!
Taraneh Taraneh is very excited to be one of the newest member of the troupe. Although she has never belly danced competitively, dancing has always been a part of her life. Her training includes ballet, gymnastics, tap and even figure skating. In the spring of 2000, a coworker introduced her to belly dance and she loved it after one class. She has been studying with Ayesha for the past 15 years. The name Taraneh is Farsi and means sonnet. Using this name is an honor for Taraneh because it is a precious gift. She was given the name by a friend who had chosen it hoping she would have a daughter. Taraneh's desire is that her dancing inspires others like a sonnet.
Alizarine (Photo courtesy of Iona Ka) Alizarine began belly dancing in San Diego in 1995. Her first instructors were Vernetta and Meleah. In 1999 she moved to Medford and began taking classes from Ayesha after learning of her reputation for original choreography and masterful zil patterns. She soon joined Troupe Mandala, which is now Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company. After being on hiatus for several years, which included a move to Washington State and back, Alizarine is very happy and excited to be dancing with the troupe once again. She especially enjoys playing the zils, drum, and tambourine (but not all at the same time!) and dancing to the 9/8 and 7/8 rhythms that you don't often hear in Western music.
Shannon Shannon's love for dancing started with County Line dancing. She then ventured into ball room including Cha Cha, Salsa, Tango and West Coast Swing, to name a few. Her ballroom instructor introduced her to Belly dance and the challenge of rocking hips, head and body in such manners was a draw that she couldn't resist (not to mention the veils, swords, sparkle and jingle of the costumes). "I have been dancing with these amazing ladies off and on for 10 plus years and it simple makes me smile!"
Aalia (Photo courtesy of Iona Ka) Aalia's passion for Belly Dancing was awakened after a 20 yr career as a Registered Nurse and during a transformative period in her life. In 2012, she discovered the creativity and magic of music and motion. She feels it is a truly spiritual experience which she describes is as if she were "swimming in music" when she performs.

Aalia has always immersed herself in music, dance and art, playing acoustic guitar and adding to her watercolor art portfolio. She is very grateful to Ayesha, Theresa Dancer, Judy Smith, Dawn Kc and Idena Suzanne for introducing her to the various styles and techniques of Belly Dancing. In 2014 Aalia was honored to join Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company which affords her the camaraderie, lightheartedness, friendship and guidance of her fellow "Sisters of The Dance", as well as wonderful opportunities to share her love of Belly Dancing with others.


as Ayesha's Oasis Dance Company

  • Bellydancer of the Year Pageant ~ First Place
  • Wiggles of the West Competition ~ First Place
  • Wiggles of the West Competition (Alternative) ~ Second Place
  • Bellydancer USA Competiton ~ First Place
  • Bellydancer USA Competition ~ People's Choice
  • Double Crown Bellydance Competition ~ Second Place
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